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A Dallas based singer/ songwriter, compelled by his love for the artistry of music and its inherent ability to connect and engage the hearts of those who hear it; Isaac Vancil labors to capture the pain and beauty that is complexly woven throughout our lives. Influenced by so many bitter/sweet songs, Isaac was raised on the music of artist such as Harry Nilsson, Bruce Cockburn, Willie Nelson, Paul McCartney, Gordon Lightfoot, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, Neil Young, Daniel Lenois, Chris Whitley and many others.       

The youngest child in a family of artists and musicians, Isaac spent the early part of his childhood on the road with his parent’s traveling gospel music group “New Harvest” and later in the clubs of Deep Ellum (Dallas, TX) with his brother, Ezra Vancil (Formerly of Gypsy Tree and Ezra Thomas). A young minor with an “X” on his hand, Isaac was not so moved by the music scene, but rather by the music itself. Under the shadow of so many great performers, he struggled for many years to find his own voice. It was not until years later, when he left the music scene of Dallas and moved into the mountains of Colorado that his music began to stand apart as something different. The time in Colorado gave him new perspective, not only on music, but also on life, love, faith and community.

Today it is for the sake of community that Isaac performs his music. Through this avenue he is able to communicate his heart, connect with others, and influence the world around him. 

Upon returning to Dallas in 2010, Isaac connected began to perform again, which led with the former violinist for Sly and The Family Stone and began to collaborate with her band “Faint Image”. This marriage of style created a truly vintage and classic sound, which lead to many performances at a number of venues and local festivals; and served as the inspiration for the 


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