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Support The Music

If you value the music of Isaac Vancil, and would like to hear more, please consider supporting him on upcoming projects.

Upon the completion of his "After Years" EP, Isaac now has plans to begin his first full length album, "Traveler". Yet, recording is an expensive venture. It takes a significant amount of funds to create and release new albums, and this can often serve to be one of the greatest obstacles or hindrances within the creation process.

We are created to create, and there is something more to music than melody and lyrics. Within music is the capacity to transcend language and communicate on a soul level; connecting one heart to another, and each to the eternal. It is therefore in view of this that I feel compelled to write, record and perform. In the creation of art, we are participating in the restoration of this world, bringing an order out of the chaos, making beauty where there was none, narrowing the division between one and another, and bringing a piece of the eternal into the transient.

Join with Isaac in the creation process by supporting his music with a donation. All donations will go directly to the recording, producing and distributing of his "Traveler" full length album, and can securely be made through paypal by clicking on the link bellow. 
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